Lychee selling price increases in late season

Update: 16:06 | 09/07/2020

(BGO) – According to the Center of Industrial Encouragement and Trade Promotion (Department of Industry and  Trade), Bac Giang province has harvested more than 164,000 tonnes of lychee, including over 93,600 tonnes in Luc Ngan district, 33,000 tonnes in Luc Nam district, 16,000 tonnes in Tan Yen district, 6,000 tonnes in Lang Giang district, 7,900 tonnes in Yen The district, 4,000 tonnes in Son Dong district...

The farmers in Yen The, Lang Giang, Luc Nam and Son Dong districts basically completed harvesting the lychee. Only Luc Ngan district has about 550 tonnes of lychee in the communes of Ho Dap and Tan Son.

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The last quantity of the lychee is sod at 38 – 40,000 VND per kg in Luc Ngan district.

The last quantity of the fruits is easily consumed by Chinese traders with current selling price of 38 – 40,000 VND (1.64 – 1.72 USD) per kg, higher than last week price of 7 – 10,000 VND per kg.

This year, the total lychee output is estimated at nearly 165,000 tonnes, up 5,000 tonnes comparing to the initial expected quantity. In the next 2 – 3 days, the orchard owners will harvest the remaining fruits to end the 2020 season.

Over 60,000 tonnes of Bac Giang lychee exported to China
(BGO) – According to the provincial Center of Industrial Encouragement and Trade Promotion (Department of Industry and Trade), as of June 30, more than 60,000 tonnes of local lychee were exported to Chinese market.  
Vietnamese lychees hit shelves in Singapore
Vietnamese lychee was officially put up for sale in Singapore’s FairPrice supermarket chain, making the first year when the specialty fruit has been imported from the Southeast Asian country on a large scale.
Luc Ngan lychee exported to many high-end markets
(BGO) - After many efforts of agencies at all levels, ministries, sectors and growers, this year, Bac Giang’s fresh lychee has been exported to a number of high-end markets. This affirms the brand, quality and value of the product, paving the way for further expansion of consumption markets in the coming time.
Luc Ngan lychee transported over spring and mountain via cable and trolley
(BGO) – It is the creative method of a Nung man Lang Van Yen (born in 1980) in Khuon Nghieu hamlet, Ho Dap commune, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province).
Experiencing ripen lychee season in Luc Ngan
(BGO) – The farmers in Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province have recently focused on harvesting lychee. The ripen lychee hills in red draw magnificent landscape picture and create unforgettable experiences for tourists.

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