Yen Dung Safe Vegetable Cooperative improves value of agricultural products

Update: 07:17 | 20/06/2020

(BGO) - After 4 years of operation, the Yen Dung Safe Vegetable Cooperative, based in Tien Dung commune (Yen Dung district), has gradually grown up to become a typical high-tech agricultural production model.

The cooperative was established in September 2016. From 13 hectares initially, its growing area has been expanded to 60 hectares, including 10 hectares produced under the model of high-tech net houses (Israeli automatic irrigation and fertilizering technology) and 2 hectares of normal net houses. During the operation process, the cooperative has successfully built a new model of cooperative: voluntary, equal, democratic and mutually supportive.

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Yen Dung district leaders visit the cantaloup growing model of the cooperative.

Its objective is to focus on building and developing organic agriculture with products being "clean" goods based on new and high technology. It takes scientific and technical advances as "leverage" for commodity-based agricultural production. 

Therefore, over the past time, the cooperative has been constantly developing, with suitable crops such as pear shaped (pyrifrom) melon, cucumber, tomato, high-tech cantaloup, Korean melon, cabbage, and ash gourd. It applies advanced farming methods as well as science and technology in production and targets consumers' needs.

The cooperative’s products meet VietGAP standards as well as the strict national standards on safe vegetables. The cooperative has built the brand of "Yen Dung Safe Vegetables" in the market and has become one of the safe vegetable suppliers for big supermarkets such as Tmart, Vineco and Co.opmart...

In addition to maintaining the vegetable farming according to VietGAP standards and producing species of high economic and nutritional value, the cooperative leaders have also directed the research and experimental planting of some new crops such as super sweet pear shaped (pyrifrom) melon in net house; green-flesh cantaloup; dinosaur melon and Korean melon. Currently, new varieties are developing well.

Thanks to the bold investment and application of science and technology, in recent years, the cooperative’s revenue has been constantly increasing, reaching 20 billion VND (858,700 USD) in the first 6 months of 2020 (equal to 66.6 percent of its total revenue in 2019). The living conditions of 100 workers in the cooperative have been improved, with an average income of 6-7 million VND per person per month.

In the coming time, the cooperative’s strategy is to focus on improving the value of and branding agricultural products; constantly innovate products; strictly control production, processing and safe consumption processes based on hi-tech agriculture and clean production agriculture.

Its goal is to create high value-added products and step up crop restructuring according to planning, towards a modern agricultural production adaptive to climate change that develops fast and keeps pace with globalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, contributing to the successful development of an agricultural value chain linking production and consumption.

In January 2018, the cooperative was granted a certificate recognising its collective mark of "Yen Dung Safe Vegetables" by the National Office of Intellectual Property under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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