Foreign traders strictly follow Covid-19 preventive regulation

Update: 17:48 | 05/06/2020

(BGO) – According to the Steering Board for Covid-19 prevention and control in Luc Ngan district (Steering Board) (Bac Giang province), 21 Chinese traders have come to the district to buy lychee and currently been placed in medical isolation. 

Previously, Luc Ngan district People’s Committee used Son The Hotel (Chu town) to set up a concentrated medical isolation site to serve the traders coming to buy lychee.

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The room is well prepared for Chinese traders under medical isolation at Son The Hotel.

Son The Hotel has 25 rooms to accommodate 50 foreign traders in medical quarantine period before buying the local lychee. The hotel sufficiently provides personal tools and assigns receptionist to supply meals and ensure the living conditions for the isolated cases and officers in charge.

Also, the hotel coordinates with the district Medical Center to conduct the disinfectant measures in line with the Ministry of Health’s regulation on prevention and control of infectious diseases.

Foreign traders, Covid-19 preventive regulation, Bac Giang province, Luc Ngan lychee, Chinese traders, medical isolation, lychee consumption, SARS-CoV-2

The medical staff conduct the task of Covid-19 prevention and control at Son The Hotel.

The Steering Board has arranged 6 people, including public security, medical staff, receptionist, to serve at the hotel during 14 continuous days to prevent the cross infection to their relatives and community. Now, 21 Chinese traders are placed in medical isolation at the hotel.

The provincial Center of Disease Control coordinated with the district Medical Center to take their sample for the first SARS-CoV-2 test on June 6 and second test on the 13rd day during the isolation period.

Many enterprises and cooperatives join hands in lychee consumption
(BGO) – According to the Center of Industrial Encouragement and Trade Promotion (CIETP) (Department of Industry and Trade), Bac Giang province has to date consumed about 16,000 tonnes of early ripen lychee.
Luc Ngan sufficiently produces supporting commodities and services for lychee season
(BGO) – Though the main lychee season has yet to come, the utility manufacturers and service providers for lychee consumption and package in Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) become hustle and bustle for the upcoming season.
Bac Giang ensures conditions to organize online conference for lychee consumption promotion
(BGO) – The Permanent Vice Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Lai Thanh Son on June 1 chaired a meeting to review the preparation for Online Conference of 2020 Lychee Consumption Promotion.
Bac Giang actively promotes trade, expands markets for lychee
(BGO) – Amid the Covid-19 pandemic’s great impact on goods circulation, the People's Committee of Bac Giang province has actively directed relevant agencies and localities to implement measures to promote trade and seek lychee consumption markets at home and abroad. To clarify this issue, Bac Giang Newspaper interviewed Lai Thanh Son, Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee. 
Visa granted to over 300 Chinese traders to immigrate to Bac Giang to buy lychee
(BGO) – The competent agencies in Bac Giang province informed that more than 300 Chinese traders have been granted the visa by the Department of Immigration (Ministry of Public Security) to immigrate to the province to buy lychee.

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