Developing agricultural products in Son Dong highland

Update: 10:08 | 13/05/2020

(BGO) - Son Dong district (Bac Giang province) has many advantages in terms of climate and soil to produce typical agricultural products. Over the past time, people here have actively expanded the farming area and built production models with high economic efficiency.

In its agricultural development orientation, Son Dong district focuses on producing medicinal plants. Some of the medicinal plants encouraged to be grown are ba kich (codonopsis), Ganoderma lucidum (green lim mushroom) and Taiwanese artemisia indica as they suit the local soil conditions and see high demand.

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The Taiwanese artemisia indica propagation area of Hoang Thi Ly's family in Muc village, Duong Huu commune.

We visited the family of Hoang Thi Ly in Muc village, Duong Huu commune when she was preparing to sell a batch of Taiwanese artemisia indica which had been freshly processed, dried and packed in sacks. Ly said this plant is quite easy to grow and harvested twice a year with a yield of about 300kg per 360sq.m per crop.

Its main products are exported for 20,000 VND per kg (dry). In 2019, her family sold 6 tonnes of products. This year, the output could reach 20 tonnes as she has encouraged several other households to grow the plant.

A survey of the district Department of Agriculture and Rural Development shows that Taiwanese artemisia indica is a new medicinal plant which grows fast. After the entire stem and root are cut for sale, it takes 3 to 4 years to replant. After-harvest profit reaches 60 million VND per ha per crop.

Currently the district has 18ha of Taiwanese artemisia indica. In 2018, the district People's Committee assigned the specialized agency to research and domesticate this species in the locality. To date, farmers have actively produced all the saplings.

In addition, the district is implementing a project to plant ba kich (codonopsis) in mixed gardens in Thanh Luan commune on an area of 5 hectares. After more than three years, the plants grown in the mixed gardens grow well, with a high survival rate. The model aims at creating conditions for people to have access to science and technology; promote local land potential; restore, preserve and develop precious medicinal plants in a sustainable manner.

Honey beekeeping model has also opened up new sustainable livelihoods for locals. Currently, the district has nearly 18,000 bee colonies, providing 170-180 tonnes of honey every year for the market with an average selling price of 150,000 VND (6.4 USD) per liter, generating a turnover of over 19 billion VND (814,990 USD).

Son Dong honey is assessed to have good quality because it is made mainly from natural forest flowers and unaffected by plant protection drugs and antibiotics. This is also the strength to build the Son Dong honey brand. In the coming time, the district will continue maintaining and expanding the swarm of bees in potential areas; set up cooperative groups and cooperatives to sign contracts with enterprises to ensure honey sales.

Hoang Van Trong, Vice Chairman of the district People's Committee, said that with limited economic potential, low people's educational level and poor technical infrastructure as its starting points, Son Dong has faced many difficulties in socio-economic development. 

Developing agricultural products, Son Dong highland, Bac Giang province, climate and soil,  typical agricultural products, production models, high economic efficiency, socio-economic development, effective production models

Tang Van Bien, residing in Vinh An commune, examines the development of honey bees.

The Resolution of the 25th district Party Congress for the 2015-2020 term defines agri-forestry production as the key economic sector, making the most important contribution to the overall growth of the district economy.

To accomplish the above objective, the district has focused on directing and giving priority to investing in developing new production models to gradually improve farmers’ agricultural and forestry production level. 

In particular, it has promoted restructuring of plants and animals, created concentrated production areas for crops of local strength and turned agro-forestry products into commodities, thus improving production efficiency and product value. In the 2017-2020 period, the district has implemented 14 such models.

Initial efficiency is the basis for the district to continue promoting commodity agri-forestry production and restructuring agricultural economy associated with building new-style rural areas, while mobilizing resources and developing effective production models.

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