Tan Yen develops commodity guava production area

Update: 17:12 | 08/11/2019

(BGO) – Together with several famous fruits such as Phuc Hoa early ripen lychee, Hop Duc star apple, the farmers in Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province have recently developed the Taiwanese pear guava in large area. The actual cultivation proved that the guava is ideally suited to the land, helping the farmers earn high economic value. 

3 years ago, Tran Dinh Long in Lan Thinh village, Phuc Hoa commune grew few hundreds of Taiwanese pear guava trees in an area of 2 sao (old measuring unit, each is equal to 360 square meters).

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Tan Yen builds the commodity guava production area.

Acknowledging that the guava is easy to develop with less disease and bears the fruits all the year round, he gradually expands the cultivation area. Now he owns more than 1 hectare of well grown guava with high productivity thanks to good caring technique.

Now, not only Long’s family but also dozens of other families in the village and adjacent localities in Phuc Hoa commune grow nearly 50 hectares of guava to form a concentrated commodity production area. With current price of 10 – 15,000 VND per kilogram of fruit, the farmer can earn 30 – 35 million VND (1,300 – 1,500 USD) per sao per year.

To expand the scale, Long and some members in the village are completing the procedure to establish Phuc Hoa Cooperative for Guava Production and Consumption.

Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee in Phuc Hoa commune Vi Van Bien said: “The commune always encourages the farmers to link to some enterprises to stably and sustainably develop the guava orchard”.

Currently, the guava is developed by the farmers in Phuc Hoa, Cao Thuong and Hop Duc communes, making a total guava area of over 200 hectares, including 30 hectares of guava cultivated under VietGAP standard.

The district authority will instruct to further expand the guava area in the high lands with water difficulty. The guava cultivation in Tan Yen has been zoned off, basing on which the farmers apply the advanced science and technology as well as boost up the linkage in product consumption to enhance the quality.

In order to encourage the farmers to develop the concentrated fruit cultivation models and improve the value toward commodity production, Tan Yen district has recently issued several policies to support the growers in technology application into production while provided training courses on developing the fruit trees and introducing new varieties to the locals.

Regarding guava, the district has provided the farmers with 30,000 seedlings, dozens of tonnes of fertilizers, many experience trips and technical delivery courses together with survey.

According to the provincial Plant Production and Protection Division (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), the province is now home to more than 400 hectares of guava, mostly in the districts of Tan Yen, Luc Ngan, Yen The and Hiep Hoa.

According to Vice Head of the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development in Tan Yen district Ha Van Tuyen, the guava is one of the local key fruits in the progamme to develop the fruits with high economic value such as early ripen lychee, star apple...

Now it has been developed under several programmes of building new style rural area, mountainous rural area...,especially developing 10 hectare model under VietGAP standard. The district completed the procedures to request the competent authorities to grant the trademark of “Tan Yen pear guava”.

Thanks to the land and weather advantages to fruit development, preferential policies, investment in technology, facilities and trademark building, effort and change in farmers’ production thinking, the fruits in general and guava in particular will be a highlight point in the district plant structure, hence actively contributing to the local socio economy.

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