Lang Giang boost agricultural production under value chain

Update: 09:01 | 30/10/2019

(BGO) –Lang Giang is the second locality in Bac Giang province preparing conditions to announce itself as a new-style rural district. Besides other criteria, the district is paying attention to the implementation of the "Once Commune One Product” (OCOP) programme.

In fact, people in Duong Duc commune (Lang Giang) in particular and neighbouring communes in general have produced straw and oyster mushrooms for a long time. However, the production of cordyceps initiated by Luong Van Tu and other members in Chua village, Duong Duc commune has initially brought about high economic efficiency.

Lang Giang  district, agricultural production, value chain, second locality, new-style rural district, Once Commune One Product

The leaders of the province and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development visit a booth displaying vegetable, tuber and fruit power products of Quang Thinh commune.

Currently, on average, Tu's facility provides about 1,000 bottles of product to the market each month. With favorable sale and the current selling price, his establishment earns about 150 million VND (4,657 USD) a month. In addition to producing cordyceps for commercial purpose, the facility also provides breeding funguses for local people for economic development.

Like Tu, with the idea of creating products from centella, katak, mulberry and pea flowers, Hoang Thi Hoan in Thanh Luong village, Quang Thinh commune has successfully processed the dried vegetable, tuber and fruit powder products. These are also typical products of the Tu Tam Women’s Agricultural Startup Cooperative, with Hoan serving as Director.

Although it was newly established and has been put into operation for more than 3 months, with the motto "Delicious from the root, green and clean from the heart, caring the health of Vietnamese people to develop", the products of the cooperative have been introduced at typical agricultural and rural booths inside and outside the province and favored by many customers. To develop production and business, the cooperative is investing in expanding the raw material grinding line from 2 to 8 machines, contributing to meeting consumer needs.

It can be said that from the production development reality, the People's Committee of Lang Giang district determines that OCOP development in combination with new-style rural building is an important solution to develop commodity production under the value chain for key products and those of local strength. Therefore, right after the province approved and implemented the OCOP programme, Lang Giang district has built plans for carrying out the programme in communes and townships.

The district's goal is to encourage economic organizations to participate in the OCOP programme; upgrade, innovate and diversify products in line with the criteria for OCOP product evaluation and classification. At the same time, the district will select quality products with full packaging and labels to promote production development and product consumption, thus creating jobs, increasing incomes and improving product quality, contributing to building sustainable new-style rural areas.

Lang Giang  district, agricultural production, value chain, second locality, new-style rural district, Once Commune One Product

Cordyceps products in Duong Duc commune (Lang Giang).


To date, the communes and townships across the district have selected typical local products. In 2019, the district’s OCOP product quality assessment council considered and selected three main products to participate in the OCOP programme at the provincial level: cordyceps of Duong Duc commune; straw mushrooms of Tien Luc commune; and vegetable, tuber and fruit power of Quang Thinh commune.

According to Nguyen Van Giang, deputy head of the Agriculture and Rural Development Division of Lang Giang district, the OCOP programme is a new "playground" to encourage product development, from ideas, demands and practical capabilities of each production establishment.

With the spirit of “the people know, the people discuss, the people do and the people are beneficiaries”, the district will play the role of creating and promulgating a legal and policy framework to support training, science and technology application, branding, trade promotion, product advertisement and planning of commodity production areas. The district will not impose subjective wills and administrative orders in the production of OCOP products, while encouraging and supporting economic organizations to develop production under a complete value chain.

Bac Giang supports production development under value chain
(BGO) – This year, the People’s Committee in the northern province of Bac Giang planned to mobilize nearly 4.8 billion VND (over 207,000 USD) from the budget of the new style rural building programme to support several production models developing under the value chain.
Turmeric cultivation under value chain and organic fertilizer production from tumeric side product
(BGO) – The Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee has issued the Decision approving to execute the project of “Applying the science and technology in building the model of turmeric cultivation under the value chain and producing organic fertilizer from turmeric side products as well as other substandard farm products in Bac Giang province” chaired by Hanoi based Techbifarm Company Limited. 
Cooperatives should be nucleus to enhance value chains
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong emphasized the crucial role of cooperatives, saying they should act as a nucleus to connect more than six million farmers with large firms to create a closed production cycle, resulting in higher agricultural value chains.
OCOP programme targets production in value chain
(BGO) - Bac Giang has been selected to organize a national conference to implement the Prime Minister's Decision on "One Commune One Product (OCOP) Programme in the 2018-2020 period" on July 14 in Bac Giang city. 
Deeper integration into global value chain
Exports have continued to be a spotlight in the economic picture this year. However, it requires sound strategies from enterprises and State management agencies to make Vietnamese exports closely connected to global value chains and have higher added values towards sustainable export growth.

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