Researching conservation of golden camellia in Bac Giang

Update: 17:01 | 25/07/2019

(BGO) - In order to conserve and develop precious medicinal plants for domestic consumption and export, scientists from the Institute of Regional Research and Development under the Ministry of Science and Technology have implemented the scientific project "Researching the conservation and development of tra hoa vang (golden camellia) in Bac Giang province". After nearly three years of implementation, the project has seen positive results.

Precious medicinal herb

According to experts, the compounds of the golden camellia have the ability to control the growth of tumors by 34 percent while just reaching the threshold of 30 percent can be considered successful in treating this type of disease.

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The Luu Chanh Medicinal Herb Cooperative’s members exchange golden camellia growing techniques at the household of Nguyen Van Luu in Truong Son commune (Luc Nam district).

On the market, the dried golden camellia is sold for 3-4 million VND (129-172 USD) per kg; in the Chinese market, the price ranges from 8 to10 million VND (345-431 USD) per kg. Each hectare can generate an income of 200-300 million VND (8,620- 12,930 USD) from flowers and leaves.

In Bac Giang province, the golden camellia is mainly distributed in some forests and hills with perennial trees in districts like Yen The, Luc Nam, Son Dong and Luc Ngan.

Due to its high value, this precious medicinal herb is thoroughly exploited by people, without any measures for conservation and sustainable development. From that fact, scientists from the Institute of Regional Research and Development carried out the scientific project "Researching the conservation and development of the golden camellia in Bac Giang province".

This is a provincial-level project that has been implemented from the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2019. Its objective is to collect 2-3 species of golden camellia with good active ingredients as a basis for propagation and development in the province.

Scientists have selected Binh Son and Truong Son communes (Luc Nam district); Que Son, Yen Dinh and Cam Dan communes (Son Dong district); Tam Tien commune (Yen The district) to determine the distribution, morphological characteristics and growth of the golden camellia. They have also made quantitative analysis of some groups of substances and biochemical targets.

Encouraging signals

Through the evaluation of specialized agencies, by this time, the project has basically ensured its plans and progress, and initial results are positive. Experts have collected two species of golden camellia with scientific names Camellia Hongkonggensis and Camellia Cucphuongensis with good active ingredients. They have built a garden of 5,000 trees for propagation in Tam Tien and Yen Dinh communes.

For the golden camellia propagation model by the cuttings method, the survival rate is 80 percent or more. At present, there are 2.5 ha of golden camellia intensively cultivated in some communes on the western side of the Yen Tu Mountain in Son Dong and Luc Nam districts.

The household of Nguyen Van Luu in Truong Son commune (Luc Nam district) was piloted to plant about 2,000 seedlings from the project's incubator from the end of 2018. Luu is also the one who discovered and planted the golden camellia early in the commune on a large scale. Participating in the project, he was trained in care procedures and techniques.

Vu Van Son, head of Luc Nam district's Agriculture and Rural Development Division, said that the district has nearly 30 hectares of golden camellia. The district People's Committee determined that this is a new indigenous plant that brings in high economic value because it is very suitable to the climate and soil conditions in communes with large forest areas at the foot of the Yen Tu Mountain.

In 2018, the district People's Committee supported seeds worth 100 million VND (4,310 USD) for households in some communes with an area of 10 ha. The research on the golden camellia is the basis for the unit to advise the district People's Committee to consider the expansion of the growing area in the coming time.

The results of research on golden camellia propagation techniques by cuttings and intensive cultivation are expected to be transferred by the Institute of Regional Research and Development to the Agriculture and Rural Development Divisions and people in some districts.

According to Master Chu Huy Tuong, representative of the research team, the research, conservation and propagation of the golden camellia not only serve the expansion of the area and meet market demand but also open up a new economic development direction, thus generating income and improving living standards for people.

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