Developing commodity-based agriculture in the direction of raising added value

Update: 20:21 | 24/07/2019

(BGO) – Always determining that agricultural production is the main production sector in socio-economic development, over the past years, Bac Giang province has implemented many policies to develop agricultural production, especially high-tech agriculture, to improve productivity, quality and production value, and create local agricultural brands.

Leverage for promoting agricultural development

Defining the promotion of high-tech application in agricultural production as a key task and an important solution in the process of agricultural restructuring and building a clean agriculture in the province, Bac Giang has issued many mechanisms and policies to support agricultural development.

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A high-tech agricultural model of producing processed vegetables.

Up to now, the province has developed 2,500 hectares of processed vegetables serving processing plants in and outside the province. More than 17,000 hectares of land have been rearranged while 163 large-scale field models have been built on a total area of over 5,000 hectares.

In addition, the province has formed specialized and concentrated production areas, applied scientific and technological advances, boosted mechanization in production, and set up links to boost goods consumption. Large-scale field models have increased production efficiency by over 20 percent compared to the traditional ones. 

About 300,000 sq.m of mushroom production farms have been built, attracting the participation of over 500 households and cooperatives. As many as 179 high-tech agricultural production models have been developed on an area of over 311,000 sq.m of net and PE houses to produce vegetables and flowers.

Forming specialized production areas

Thanks to the application of scientific and technological advances in production, changes in crop structure, and use of new varieties with high yield, good quality, and resistance to pests and diseases in production, the productivity and output of rice and vegetables have increased rapidly over the years.

Bac Giang province, commodity-based agriculture, added value, agricultural production, main production sector, socio-economic development, high-tech agriculture, high-tech application

The specialized lychee production area in Luc Ngan district.

With an appropriate agricultural development strategy, Bac Giang province has established production models that link production and consumption of products with scale ranging from several hectares to 100 hectares.

Along with that, the province has formed concentrated agricultural product production areas such as the concentrated quality rice area in Yen Dung, Viet Yen, Hiep Hoa and Luc Nam districts; and the North’s largest specialized fruit tree area in Luc Ngan, Luc Nam, Tan Yen and Yen The districts, with the lychee production area being the largest in the country.

Besides, the province has also paid attention to developing brands of products to develop markets and improve value. So far, some products have built their brands such as Luc Ngan lychee, Phuc Hoa early-ripen lychee, Yen Dung fragrant rice...

Improving the value of goods

Based on the analysis of advantages, opportunities, challenges, market and consumption trends, the province has determined to focus on developing crops on the two axes of products. They are a group of key products of the province and a group of products that are local specialties, with a small scale according to the "One commune, one product" model (OCOP).

Bac Giang province, commodity-based agriculture, added value, agricultural production, main production sector, socio-economic development, high-tech agriculture, high-tech application

Promoting brand building and market development for agricultural products.

At the same time, the province is focusing on investment in infrastructure development in production regions, calling for and creating conditions to attract organizations and enterprises to invest in the production, processing and consumption of agricultural products.

According to Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Linh, in order to help agricultural production attain a high growth value, there is no other way to innovate the ways of doing and operating by promoting the application of high technology and new technical advances, boosting mechanization in production, and creating conditions for enterprises to invest in agriculture, processing and consumption of agricultural products.

With the orientation of developing a modernity-oriented large-scale concentrated commodity-based agriculture, in a near future, Bac Giang strives to achieve the goal of increasing the added value of the province's agricultural products and making them highly competitive, thus meeting market demand and becoming a key agricultural region in the country and the leading one in the north.

Bac Giang seeks to improve traceability of farm produce
(BGO)- In order to heighten competitiveness of the products, stamping traceability is considered the evidence for origin and quality of the products. However, it has not been paid due attention by consumers and enterprises in Bac Giang province.  
Bac Giang builds more than 90 hi-tech farming models
(BGO) – According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), the farmers in the districts and city of Bac Giang province have realised 22 high technology farming models since early this year.
Ca Mau to spend 11.2 million USD on efficient farming models
The southernmost province of Ca Mau will mobilise more than 2.6 trillion VND (11.2 million USD) from the State budget and other sources to expand the use of efficient farming models this year, according to the province’s Farmers Association.
Bayer Agricademy trains fruit, coffee farmers
Some 400 pomelo, durian and coffee farmers from Highlands, South-eastern and Mekong Delta provinces are attending seven classes for advanced training in agronomy, cultivation techniques and integrated pest management.
Vietnam farmers enjoy lychee export price surge
The prices of lychee Vietnam exported to China have doubled over last year on the back of a poor harvest in the neighboring country.

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