Bac Giang develops lychee economy

Update: 21:12 | 24/06/2019

(BGO) - Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong made the remark when witnessing the ways Bac Giang has done in recent lychee crops. The impression of the head of the country’s agricultural sector is also shared by many domestic and foreign businessmen and partners.

Professional from production

This year is considered unfavorable for agricultural production due to unusual and complicated weather developments. However, Bac Giang still maintains an area of more than 28,000 ha of lychee, with an estimated output of 150,000 tonnes. 

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Visitors learn about Luc Ngan lychee on the occasion of an economic forum on lychee production and consumption and promotion of cultural, tourist and agricultural products in 2019 held in Bac Giang city.

Despite a reduction of about 65,000 tonnes compared to 2018, the quality - the most important factor – has significantly improved and the price since the beginning of the crop has always been stable at a high level, making producers excited.

From late May to early June, early-ripen lychee in Tan Yen district yielded fruits. At present, the lychee growing area in the district is 1,350ha, of which the area under VietGAP standard is 306 ha, an increase of 60ha over the previous year, mainly in the communes of Phuc Hoa, Tan Trung and Hop Duc.

The lychee output of the whole district reached more than 13,000 tonnes with prices ranging from 20,000 to 35,000 VND per kg, bringing a significant source of income to farmers.

Towards the goal of producing high quality products, this year Luc Ngan district has made many breakthroughs in lychee care, harvest and consumption. For the first time, the district has organic lychee products on an area of 20ha. Gardens participating in the organic lychee model are equipped with cameras and electronic care diaries.

Luc Ngan district has more than 15,000ha of lychee, with the average output of about 100,000 tonnes per crop in the past years. Notably, the area of lychee produced according to VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards increased to over 14,000ha (the area meeting GlobalGAP standard is 218ha and 394 households were granted IRADS code by the US).

To activeness in accessing markets

At the economic forum on lychee production and consumption and promotion of the province’s cultural, tourist and agricultural products in 2019 organized by the Bac Giang provincial People's Committee in late May, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong was particularly impressed with the ways Bac Giang has done in recent lychee crops. 

He said "There are hardly any localities in the country like Bac Giang where leaders from the provincial to district level pay attention to lychee production and consumption. Many conferences and forums have been held recently at home and abroad to help farmers sell their lychees”.

This year, the domestic market consumed about 50 percent of the province's lychee production, and the rest was mainly exported to China and some countries in the EU, Russia, Japan, the Republic of Korea ... 

Therefore, the provincial People's Committee and other sectors and localities paid special attention to and created the most favorable conditions for businesses and traders to study, buy and sell this key agricultural product.

During the 2019 lychee season, besides organizing promotion activities in China, Bac Giang province simultaneously held forums on economic production and consumption of lychee and promotion of the province’s cultural, tourist and agricultural products in Bac Giang, Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Do Quoc Huy, Marketing Manager of Saigon Co.op, said that with the advantage of having a network of supermarket and retail shops across the country, the enterprise has early put Luc Ngan lychee on sale at its nearly 700 points and booths. This year, Saigon Co.op continues to buy and sell lychee to consumers and look towards exporting the fruit via foreign partners. Total lychee consumption is expected to increase by 25 percent compared to 2018.

Tang Cheng Wei, head of the Pingxiang International Fruit Trading Association of China’s Guangxi province, said that Bac Giang has the advantage of exporting its lychee to China. In recent years, Bac Giang has worked hard to improve lychee quality, ensure safety, and promote the product widely so Chinese consumers now know more about fresh lychees.

Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Duong Van Thai said not only focusing on directing the expansion of cooperation models, the replication of household groups of linking in production, and the promotion of science-technology application in production and value chains, Bac Giang has actively promoted trade as well as sought and expanded lychee consumption markets.

Moreover, Bac Giang has many untapped advantages and values in culture, history, climate and natural topography, so many kinds of tourism and services will be formed when combined with the typical product of lychee, bringing great economic benefits to the locality.

Luc Ngan exports over 42,000 tonnes of lychee
(BGO) – As of June 20, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) harvested and consumed more than 77,000 tonnes of lychees.
Vietnam farmers enjoy lychee export price surge
The prices of lychee Vietnam exported to China have doubled over last year on the back of a poor harvest in the neighboring country.
1,000 tonnes of lychees ordered to process for export and comsume at supermarket
(BGO) – According to the Department of Industry and Trade, there are 3 enterprises in the northern province of Bac Giang buying the lychee for processing, namely Toan Cau Food Export Import Joint Stock Company (Luc Ngan district), Bac Giang Big C Supermarket and Vifoco Export Import Joint Stock Company (Bac Giang city).
9 tonnes of lychee exported to US and Australia
(BGO) – Cao Van Hoan, Permanent Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee in Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province informed that the first 5-ton and 4-ton batches of lychee were exported to the US and Australia respectively while the promotion campaigns have been done in several markets of Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore…so as to introduce the fruits to the native customers.
Luc Ngan: 12 fruits of organic lychee worth over 8 USD
(BGO) – This year, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) introduced the first ever organic lychees that worth 200,000 VND (over 8 USD) per box consisting of 12 fruits.

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