Luc Ngan firmly maintains quality of fruit orchard

Update: 07:41 | 22/05/2019

(BGO) – As the key locality of fruit tree in the northern province of Bac Giang with the biggest lychee cultivation area in the country, Luc Ngan district has highly valued the product quality to increase the competitiveness and conquer the big and hard markets. 

Strict supervision of caring procedure

This lychee crop was the first time family of Tran Van Hanh in Chao Cu hamlet, Giap Son commune has linked with a Bac Ninh based enterprise to cultivate the lychee under the camera supervision.

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The GlobalGAP lychee orchard of Tran Van Hanh in Chao Cu hamlet, Giap Son commune.

Hanh said the enterprise strictly supervised all steps from caring to harvesting. Under the linkage with the enterprise, the household must seriously follow the steps to care for the lychee under GlobalGAP procedure, focus on using organic and bio fertilizers as well as allowable plant protection products.

According to the district Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, this crop Luc Ngan has more than 2 hectares of lychee growing in Giap Son and Quy Son communes under camera supervision which ease the transaction between the linked enterprises and their partners because they can extract the caring procedure in the orchard at all stage to show clear product origin.

Firmly maintain the trademark

This year, the district is housing hundreds of hectares of GlobalGAP lychee and more than 10,000 hectares of VietGAP lychee. In previously, the products of the same growing procedure were consumed at big supermarket chains in the country and exported to hard markets of EU, US, Japan and others.

Besides, the orange and pomelo of Luc Ngan have been developed in several VietGAP and safe cultivation orchards. Though the citrus fruits have not been exported to foreign markets, they are really competitive to the domestic fruits.

Thus, quality helps create the trademark of Luc Ngan fruits that is hardly seen anywhere. The local fruits are always sold at higher price comparing to those planted in other localities in the province.

Chairman of Luc Ngan district People’s Committee affirmed: “To increase the value, competitiveness and firmly maintain the local fruit trademark, the district specifies the product quality as the crucial factor, hence encouraging and training the farmers to produce good looking and delicious products. Also, the local competent agencies re-organize the varieties, cultivation areas to reach the best quality and productivity”.

Besides, Binh shared that though Chinese market’s request to stamp on origin traceability for Vietnamese farm produce is so difficult, it is an occasion for the farmers to look back the production procedure so as to enhance the responsibility to their products.

Luc Ngan has more than 26,000 hectares of various fruits orchards that annually bring the income of trillions of VND to the farmers. Thus, accompanying these above methods, the local authority instructed the key communes to establish the linkage production groups from production, processing and consumption as well as upgraded the infrastructure of the fruit growing areas.

As the result, Luc Ngan has nearly 5,000 hectares of lychees and over 1,000 hectares of citrus fruits accepted by Chinese side for the code of cultivation region. The areas of VietGAP and GlobalGAP cultivation are increasing day by day to meet the demand of many markets.

Bac Giang produces 20 hectares of organic lychee
(BGO) – Targetting to enhance the lychee quality and supply quality product to customers, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) has focused on applying high technology in lychee production, in which the district will cultivate 20 hectares of organic lychee in 2019.
Luc Ngan lychee yields some 80,000 tonnes
(BGO) – This year, Luc Ngan district in the northern province of Bac Giang has totally cultivated 15,290 hectares of lychee with an expected output of about 80,000 tonnes including 1,850 hectares of early ripen lychee (accounting for 12.1 percent) and 13,440 hectares of main season lychee (making up 87.9 percent). The harvest time will be scheduled on May 20.
40 hectares of Luc Ngan lychee granted with GlobalGAP certificate
(BGO) – This year, the Department of  Agriculture and Rural Development in Bac Giang province targets to grant the GlobalGAP certificate to 106 households growing 40 hectares of  lychees in the communes of Quy Son, Thanh Hai, Hong Giang and Giap Son (Luc Ngan district).
Two “morning stars” in the land of lychee
(BGO)- The final night of Sao Mai (Morning Star) contest 2019 finished on 14 April. As forecasts of many people, the young girl born in 1993 from Luc Ngan district in the northern province of Bac Giang, Luong Hai Yen won the contest in chamber music category. 
Building geographical indication for Luc Ngan lychee in Japan: Leverage to increase value of agricultural products
(BGO) - Since early 2018, the National Office of Intellectual Property (the Ministry of Science and Technology) has applied for registration of geographical indication for Luc Ngan fresh lychee of Bac Giang province in Japan. If successful, it will help increase the value of the agricultural product, bringing in great economic benefits to producers.

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