Ministry of Science and Technology proposed to support development of Dang Shen

Update: 21:58 | 22/03/2019

(BGO) – The Department of Science and Technology on March 21 held a conference themed “Solution to develop Sam Nam Nui Danh (Danh Mountain’s radix codonopsis javanicae or Dang Shen) in Bac Giang province”. The event was co-chaired by Deputy Minister of Science and Technology (MoST) Tran Van Tung and Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Duong Van Thai. 

In September 2015, the PPC Chairman approved for the the scientific project at provincial level titled “Researching, evaluating and preserving the genetic resources of Sam Nam Nui Danh in Bac Giang province that was conducted by the Agricultural Genetics Institute within 36 months.

Ministry of Science and Technology, Bac Giang province, Dang Shen, Sam Nam Nui Danh, Tan Yen district, scientific project,

PPC Vice Chairman Duong Van Thai and leader of the Department of Science and Technology introduce Sam Nam Nui Danh to Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung (R) at the conference.

To date, it was completed and accepted with excellent results such as specifying the pharmaceutical value, identifying and classifying the Sam Nam Nui Danh. The project also proposed the method of genetic preservation.

The representatives and scientists discussed and analysed its potential and value as well as suggested several solutions to develop the precious herbal plant in the upcoming time, including further researching on bio-effect of Sam Nam Nui Danh, well executing the task of zoning off a concentrated cultivation area, boosting up the application of science and technology to propagate and conserve the plant, building a genetic managing point with suitable support mechanism and policy for its development.

Additionally, the linkage with enterprises should be reinforced in producing, processing, consuming the products as well as selecting the kind of protection (geological indication, collective brand, certified brands)…

PPC Vice Chairman Duong Van Thai suggested the MoST to continue paying the attention to orienting and supporting the research and development of Sam Nam Nui Danh product after the conference while calling for the comments, discussion and contributions to the Dang Shen’s development orientation from the institutes, universities and agencies under the MoST having research and experimental projects on the local herbal.

Ministry of Science and Technology, Bac Giang province, Dang Shen, Sam Nam Nui Danh, Tan Yen district, scientific project,

Representatives address at the conference.

He requested the MoST to support the province in executing the project of “Researching the structure and quantity of the active elements in Sam Nam Nui Danh and their effect to medical activities”.

Dang Shan is mostly grown in Viet Lap and Lien Chung communes in Tan Yen district. The precious herbal medicine is used to support the treatment of chronic diseases such as hepatitis, rheumatism and accelerate the body functional recovery. Besides, this plant is able to prevent the cell ageing and boost the protein synthesis for new cell.

Normally, it will be harvested after 4 to 5 years of cultivation with the selling price of about 2 million VND (86 USD) per kilogram of fresh material.

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