Hiep Hoa constructs road to link provincial road No.296 to belt road No.4

Update: 17:06 | 22/02/2023

(BGO) – Hiep Hoa district in Bac Giang province has focused on land clearance for construction of the route to link the provincial road No.296 to Hanoi belt road No.4 which stretches about 6.3km with total cost of over 309 billion VND (13.1 million USD) from the district budget.

The route passes through 4 communes of Mai Trung, Hop Thinh, Xuan Cam and Huong Lam. It is invested under the programme to develop Hiep Hoa district and planning of transportation development in Bac Giang province in 2021-2025 period with the vision to 2050.

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The provincial road No.296 will be connected to Hanoi belt road No.4 by the new route.

The project consists of various items like road bed, road surface, drainage system, bridge crossing Ngoi Dat canal, lighting system among others.

Vice Chairman of the district People’s Committee Nguyen Van Khanh said the route construction not only helps ease the local commuters, reduce the load on major roads of the district but also connects the urban and residential areas in the East and the West of the district.

Besides, it makes Hop Thinh and Ha Thinh industrial clusters closer to Hanoi capital, open new development opportunity for the Southwest localities like Hop Thinh, Quang Minh and Dai Thanh.

Currently, the district has selected construction contractor to commence the project in June 2023.


Quoc Truong
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