Bac Giang develops mechanical engineering

Update: 11:30 | 21/02/2023

(BGO) - From small enterprises producing simple products, mechanical enterprises and cooperatives in Bac Giang province have been growing and now capable of manufacturing complex steel structures for hydroelectric projects.

Some enterprises have constantly innovated and invested in the fields of automation, robot production and precision mechanics, step by step raising the position of Bac Giang’s mechanical industry.

Diversifying products to meet market demands

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Pressure pipes for hydroelectricity are manufactured by Bac Giang Metallurgical Co., Ltd.

Established in 2012, Bac Giang Metallurgy Co., Ltd invested more than 12 billion VND (505.5 million USD) in purchasing equipment and building a 2,000sq.m warehouse in Area 34, Song Mai commune, Bac Giang city. After more than 10 years of operation, the company has successfully produced and installed many construction items with complex steel structures.

According to the provincial Association of Mechanical Enterprises, with their existing capacity, local mechanical firms can produce many precision mechanical products, in large volumes, such as military weapon components, boilers, hydraulic valves, super-weight rotary kilns. In particular, some enterprises have successfully produced many mechanical automation products.

Alpha Vietnam Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company, established in 2012 in Voi township of Lang Giang district, is a typical example. With a methodical investment from recruiting human resources to purchasing equipment for research, production, installation, and product promotion, in 2022 the company successfully produced robots for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting machines for Strong Way Industry Co., Ltd, in the Khai Quang Industrial Park in Vinh Phuc province. It designed, manufactured and installed mounting robots, and produced accessories worth nearly 7 billion VND (294.86 million USD) for Vinfast's Vfe33 electric cars.

Great room for development

In the province, there are hundreds of enterprises, cooperatives and production facilities in the field of mechanical engineering, with the main groups including steel and steel structure production; manufacturing of machines, equipment and boilers; installation and repair. Of which, 37, mostly small- and medium-sized, are participating in activities at the provincial Association of Mechanical Enterprises.

Bac Giang province, develops mechanical engineering, small enterprises, mechanical enterprises, complex steel structures, hydroelectric projects, mechanical industry, market demands

Steel structure production at ASC Vina Steel Structure Joint Stock Company in Lang Giang district.

Recently, the Executive Board of the association has proposed solutions to support the development of enterprises and help member enterprises to meet with provincial departments and agencies to discuss ways to remove their difficulties in the process of production, business and investment. Member units will be supported to expand cooperation with defense mechanical factories; access large foreign mechanical corporations to learn experience, improve production capacity and introduce the potential of Bac Giang for foreign investment.

A representative from the Division of Safety and Environment under the Department of Industry and Trade, said that in order to help mechanical enterprises and cooperatives develop, improve production capacity and competitiveness, the province has invested many billions of dong from the Industrial Promotion Fund to support the purchase of equipment and machinery, and personnel training.

Despite receiving support and achieving many results in production and business, Dinh Hong Quan, President of the association, said that the province's mechanical industry needs more attention and investment to raise its competitiveness and further develop.

“The goal of the local mechanical industry is to focus on developing precision mechanics and auxiliary mechanics. The sector strives to reach revenue of 4-5 trillion VND (210.6 million USD) per year by 2025. In the farther future, the mechanical industry requires the development of materials, molds, processing and manufacturing, not just simple cutting," said Quan.


The Dai
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