Breakthrough industry drives economic growth

Update: 15:19 | 31/12/2022

(BGO) – In 2022, the industrial production in the northern province of Bac Giang maintained strong rebound with important role in the provincial Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP). The index of industrial production (IIP) gained impressive growth and highest ever value of over 30 percent.

The statistics proved that local economy sharply switched to the trend with increased industrial ratio. In 2022, the industry accounted for 54.8 percent of the economic structure, up 6.2 percent year on year.

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The production at Si Flex Vietnam Company Limited in Quang Chau industrial park (Viet Yendistrict).

The yearly IIP reached highest growth rate of about 30 percent, particularly processing industry up 33 percent; power, water and gas production and distribution up 17 percent; mining industry up 6 percent. The provincial import export turnover hit over 43 billion USD.

So far, the province has attracted investment projects from 27 countries and territories. 401 businesses are operating in the industrial parks with more than 195,000 labours. The production and technology qualification of the enterprises have been much improved, helping accelerate other economic sectors, create jobs to workers.

The achievement was gained thanks to many resolutions, programmes, mechanism and policies issued by the provincial Party Committee and People’s Council to promote the development of industrial production, tap local potential and advantages.

The provincial People’s Committee directed to implement many synchronous and drastical solutions with focal points, especially taking the advantage of the first province with provincial Planning in 2021 – 2030 period and vision till 2050 approved by the Prime Minister; implement Resolution No.147-NQ-TU of the provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee; Plan No.395/KH-UBND about industrial development in Bac Giang province in 2021 – 2030 period.

The province has highly focused on developing synchronous and modern infrastructure at the industrial parks and clusters toward the model “industrial ecosystem”, create land fund to welcome the wave of big investors to the province.

The province has paid due attention to industrial encouragement, trade promotion, online commerce, digital economy, development of available and old markets while effectively supporting investors to the infrastructure of industrial parks and clusters.

In addition, the province has created favourable condition for the business to exploit the capacity at most to boost up the production and business, ensure the progress of the investment projects.

The power sector has constructed various projects to sufficiently supply electricity for production and business activities of the companies, especially those operating in the industrial parks and clusters.

The trade and investment promotion have been done in creative forms, helping improve the profession. Bac Giang also attracted big domestic and foreign firms to survey and seek the chances for investment and cooperation.

The province has taken great efforts to improve the business and investment environment to enhance the competitiveness capability; review, adjust and supplement the procedures and formalities so as to ensure the transparency and openness, handle administrative procedures online …, which helped encourage and facilitate enterprises to expand the investment and business scale.

Bac Giang was rank in top 5 provinces and cities with highest rate of foreign direct investment business on demand of scale expansion.

Facing the opportunities, convinience, dificulty and challenge in 2023, Bac Giang province continues defining industry as major driving force of the economy.


In 2022, the industry accounts for 54.8 percent of the provincial economic structure, up 6.2 percent year on year.


To achieve the industrial growth target of 20 percent, the province expands the space for industrial development with the focus on building industrial clusters and parks; implements specific plan to develop the infrastructure of the industrial clusters and parks within the approved provincial Planning.

Also, the province selects some foundation industries for development priority; continues building and issuing mechanism and policy to develop the industry; timely adjust the plannings to facilitate in term of land and site work; invests in constructing and upgrading the infrastructure of traffic, water, power as well as gradually synchronize with other social infrastructures to meet the demand for production and business.

Local authority will further well verify and evaluate the investors to the infrastructure of the industrial clusters and parks; select investors with finacial and technology potentials to protect the environment, greatly contribute to the budget, connect to support the development of other industries in the province.

Tran Quang Tan, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade

Nearly 693 million USD of registered investment added to FDI projects in Bac Giang
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Bac Giang ensures progress of site clearance for industrial parks
(BGO) - This year, Bac Giang province ranks ninth in the country in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction. In order to lure more FDI, the provincial People's Committee is focusing on directing agencies and localities to speed up the site clearance for newly and expanded industrial parks (IPs) in order to hand over the land to infrastructure investors on schedule.
Bac Giang provincial leader extends Tet greeting to FDI enterprises
(BGO) – On December 19, Vice Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Phan The Tuan led a delegation to visit and extend Tet greeting to three foreign directed investment (FDI) companies in Quang Chau industrial park (Viet Yen district), including Fuyu Precision Technology Company Limited, Nichirin Vietnam Company Limited and Lens Vietnam Company Limited.
Bac Giang builds nearly 140 new urban and residential areas
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