Villages of billionaires without field

Update: 16:09 | 31/10/2022

(BGO) – The industrial development quickly changed the life of people in Bac Giang province. The local simple-minded farmers who used to fiercely object the land reclamation and clearance for investment attraction to develop the industry now become millionaire and billionaire.  

More opportunities for doing business

From a pure farming village where farmers attached to the field all the year round, residential areas My Dien No.1, 2 and 3 in Nenh town (Viet Yen district) have changed completely. Thanks to high consensus of people and drastic direction from the party and authority, the industrial parks were constructed and extended days by days, luring numerous workers from many provinces to work and live in Bac Giang.

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Many services strongly develop in Nenh town (Viet Yen district).

These areas are always hustle and bustle, especially the break time. The boarding houses mushroom everywhere to meet the housing demand of workers and labours. Many households earn big income of dozens or hundreds of million VND per month and get rich.

Particularly, family of Nguyen Van Hung in redisential area My Dien No.1 has more than 50 boarding rooms, 40 of which are now rented with average price of 1 – 1.2 million VND per month. So he can earn over 40 million VND per month and nearly 400 million VND per year.

According to Phung Minh Toan, Head of residential area My Dien No.1, the industrial development brought high effectiveness and affirmed correct orientation of the Party to persuade the locals.

Many people in Quang Chau commune (Viet Yen district) who drastically opposed the State’s policy to reclaim the land and build industrial parks years ago now persuit good living standard. More than 600 local households built boarding houses with nearly 12,000 rooms, mostly in the villages of Nui Hieu, Quang Bieu, Tam Tang and Nam Ngan among others.

Many rooms were revamped and upgraded with close toilet, air conditioner, water ease the living condition. Typically, the family of Nguyen Van Tuyen has biggest number of rooms up to 210. With average renting price of one million VND per room per month, he can gain over 2 billion VND per year.

New look

Many services have strongly developed, making the residential area around the industrial park busy and crowded. At night, these places are lightened up with vibrantly stores, busy restaurants and services. The busiest time is from 8pm till 1 or 2 am of the next day. Because most of workers take day shift, the demand for shopping, eating and entertaining sharply increase at night, making the service mushroom in the area.

Villages of billionaires, no field, Bac Giang province, industrial development, simple-minded farmers, land reclamation,  clearance for investment attraction, housing demand

The night at the area adjacent to industrial park in Viet Yen district.

Vice Chairman of Quang Chau communal People’s Committee Nguyen Van Vien said the commercial service brings major income to the native people. The local authority always creates condition to support the business households and companies. Now the commune has more than 1,200 manufacturers, business and service suppliers, up 300 households against the same period last year.

According to Vice Secretary of the district Party Committee, Chairman of Viet Yen district People’s Committee Nguyen Dai Luong, Viet Yen is a key industrial district in Bac Giang with four industrial parks, three of which were filled, one is constructed.

By 2030, the district plans to build 11 industrial parks, up 7 ones comparing to the number in 2021. The investment attraction for industrial development significantly contributed to creating jobs, switching labour structure and accelerating the growth of other economic components, especially commerce and service. Total commodity retail rate in September 2022 hit 2,295 billion VND in Viet Yen dsitrict, representing 18 percent year on year increase.

Besides, Yen Dung district is changed rapidly. From a lowland countryside, the district has strongly bounded. The communes adjacent to industrial parks of Noi Hoang and Yen Lu have extended concreted roads to each ward and lane. The open traffic, peace localities help businesses comfortably invest and do business in the area.

The district has basically completed the socio-economic target of 2022 and mobilized investment to build roads to link and expand development way so as to become key industrial park in Bac Giang.

Taking advantages of the localities adjacent to the industrial parks, the communes of Tang Tien, Hong Thai, Quang Chau (Viet Yen district) and Noi Hoang (Yen Dung district) have achieved and surpassed many criteria of new style rural area.

With developed economy, the localities have enough condition to invest in other utilities for living. Several cultural, art and sport clubs and teams are established to diversify the local life.

The old lowland farming countryside now become urban area and “city on the village”, which even a person with rich imagination could not figure out.

Bac Giang partially adjusts Zoning off Planning to build Yen Lu industrial park
(BGO) – The People’s Committee in Bac Giang province has issued Decision to approve for partially adjusting the Zoning off Planning to build Yen Lu industrial park in Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province (ratio 1/2000).
Labours in industrial parks increase more than 27,000 people
(BGO) – According to the Industrial Park Management Board in Bac Giang province, so far, more than 174,000 labours have worked at the provincial industrial parks (IP), up over 27,000 persons year on year.
Bac Giang approves for Planning task to zone off Duc Giang industrial park
(BGO) – The People’s Committee in Bac Giang province has issued Decision to approve for the Planning task to zone of Duc Giang industrial park in Tu Mai, Canh Thuy, Dong Phuc and Duc Giang communes in Yen Dung district (raito1/2000).
Detail construction planning of Phuc Son industrial park published
(BGO) – The People’s Committees in Phuc Son and Lam Cot communes, Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) have cooperated with Le Delta Joint Stock Company and consultant Phuc Long Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company to announce the Detail Construction Planning of Phuc Son industrial park (ratio 1/500).
Industrial parks, economic zones make important contributions to GDP growth
Vietnam has about 335 industrial parks across the country together with 17 economic zones, which play an important role in investment attraction and State budget collection.

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