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Update: 18:31 | 05/09/2022

(BGO) – The Prime Minister has directed Ministry of Construction (MoC) to chair cooperation and investment in at least one million social houses for workers and low incom persons by 2030. Bac Giang is among the provinces with good implementation, active attention and settlement of housing issue for low-incom people and workers at the industrial park.

Basing on the actual situation and demand, Bac Giang province will have about 88,500 social apartments by 2025 and 164,000 social houses by 2030. To realize the above target, the province has implemneted several projects. However, some projects are completed but yet to be put in used.

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The social house project in Nenh town urban (Viet Yen district) is accelerated.

According to investor of social housing project for worker in Noi Hoang commune (Yen Dung district), there are some obtacles to put it in use. According to the Government’s Decress No.49/2021/ND-CP on April 1, 2021, the operating businesses in the industrial park cannot sign house renting contract with investor of social housing project to arrange accommodation for their workers.

Actually, many companies in Bac Giang wished to hire the social apartment for their labours to stay but they cannot proceed because of the above mentioned regulation.

Moreover, Government’s Decress No.100/2015/ND-CP on October 20, 2015 regulated specific conditions (subject, residence, housing status and income) for subjects to hire and buy the social house which restrain labours from buying or hiring social house near the industrial park.

To deal with this situation, Vice Director of the Department of Construction Tran Vu Thong said the Department propose MoC to consult suitable adjustment. Accordingly, the MoC requested to allow business operating in the industrial park to ink house renting contract with investor of social housing project to arrange accommodation for their workers.

The enterprises are responsible for making document for each labour as regulation then submitting to the provincial People’s Committee for approval. Regarding labours at the industrial parks who are from other provinces or in far away localities of Bac Giang and wish to hire social house during working at the industrial park, the Department suggested to approve for them when they satisfy the requirement of beneficial case instead of other conditions in line with Law of House.

Hopefully, these above obstacles will be removed soon so as to facilitate the business and workers at the industrial parks as well as investors to quickly put the social housing project in use, helping take care of labours’ living condition.


Truong Son
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