Bac Giang city supports businesses’ development

Update: 19:58 | 28/10/2021

(BGO) – The self efforts together with attention and assistance from local party, authority and competent forces have helped enterprises and cooperatives in Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) to gradually overcome the difficulties caused by Covid-19 to stabilize the production and business activities.  

This year, Pearl Global Vietnam Company in Dinh Tri commune which is a foreign direct investment enterprise to produce garments to export to the US and European countries encountered a lot of difficulties during operation due to Covid-19 negative impacts. In May and June, 70 percent of total 1,200 labours temporarily stopped working because of social distancing rule, forcing the company to cancel several orders.

Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province, supports businesses’ development, post Covid-19 pandemic, self efforts, attention and assistance, production and business activities, foreign direct investment enterprise

The production line at Pearl Global Vietnam Company.

Thanks to the due attention and instruction from the municipal competent forces, the company organizes screening test and regular health examination; administers Covid-19 vaccine to labours; arranges hand washing points with sufficient hand sanitizers and face mask; supplements nutrition in the daily meals so as to help them satisfy conditions to come bank work.

At the same time, the professional officials instruct and facilitate the labours to get payment in line with Government Resolution No.68 as well as unemployment allowance.

At the disease outbreak period, the obstacles in material and commodity transportation as well as labour shortage made 24 out of 70 companies in the city suspend the operation while others must reduce the productivity, allow the workers to take alternative break or temporary stop working. More than 5,000 labours at the businesses and manufacturing facilities in the area were affected.

According to Tran Van Thanh, Head of Municipal Economic Division, since early 2021, implementing the dual target, the municipal competent forces have cooperated to review and administer Covid-19 vaccine to workers in and outside the industrial parks; assist 22 businesses to resume operation and 25 others to receive 3,200 labours to come back work as well as recruit hundreds of new employees.

Besides, the companies got instruction to build and adjust production and business programme to response to Covid-19 in new normal state.

The party and authority at all levels called for sponsor to open zero dong stores and supermarkets to provide food and necessities for people and workers in quarantined areas to stabilize the life.

Particularly, city quickly completed to pay for nearly 25,000 beneficiaries and 840 business households affected by Covid-19 pandemic in line with Government Resolution No.68 with total expense of 33.2 billion VND, helping them gradually resume operation.

There are over 3,000 enterprises in the city, representing over 40 percent of total companies in the province together with thousands of individual business households which create jobs and income to labours as well as contribute to state budget and social welfare policies.

Since early this year, amid the difficulties caused by the pandemic, several companies in the area saw positive growth, especially fertilizer, garment and electronic component manufacturing facilities.

However, the enterprises had to deal with many obstacles in capital, plane and administrative procedure during operation. Many of them wished the municipal authorities to further reform the administrative formalities, create more friendly and open serving environment, improve quality of business assistance services to proper subjects so as to facilitate the development of medium and small businesses.

Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province, supports businesses’ development, post Covid-19 pandemic, self efforts, attention and assistance, production and business activities, foreign direct investment enterprise

Thanks to the authorities’ assistance, the garment business in Bac Giang city has taken efforts to recover the difficulties and stabilize production.

To build green and smart Bac Giang city as the first grade urban, the city has focused on developing trade and service, particularly attracting and developing high quality entertainment, leisure and services, logistics service; supplying special products to visitors; building supermarket and commercial centers; drawing investment to develop clean industries with big added value, high technology to reduce environmental pollution.

Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Dang Dinh Hoan said to accompany and support the business’ development, the municipal authorities continue surveying, communicating and guiding enterprises to effectively prevent and control the pandemic; listening to the proposal, seizing the difficulties and obstacles of businesses to timely handle; accelerating administrative reform to minimize the procedures, shorten down the handling time for organizations, citizens and companies.

Besides, the local authority will open the development plans of urban, commerce, service, industry and land while closely cooperating with businesses to speed up schedule of compensation for site work to promptly execute the project and create the most favourable condition for their operation and development.


Vi Le Thanh
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