Bac Giang urged to quickly break the chain of infection, contain pandemic outbreak in Viet Yen

Update: 19:59 | 28/10/2021

(BGO)- Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee of Bac Giang province Phan The Tuan on October 27 afternoon inspected the pandemic prevention and control in Viet Yen district.

To date, 16 Covid-19 infections have been confirmed in the pandemic outbreak in Viet Yen district including 15 cases in Thuong Lan commune and 1 in Viet Tien commune. Most of these cases relates to DUCA High-Tech Service Cooperative who are family members, relatives, partners or gather for party. 228 F1 cases and 623 F2 cases have been traced.

Bac Giang province, break the chain of infection, contain pandemic outbreak,  Viet Yen district, Covid-19 pandemic

The provincial Vice Chairman Phan The Tuan voices at the meeting.

Currently, Viet Yen district has imposed the temporary lockdown on Thuong Lan commune and one part of Ba village, Viet Tien commune while preparing 8 quarantine areas serving maximum 445 people. 15,000 F1 cases who are people in Thuong Lan and Viet Tien communes and students of Viet Yen high school No 2 have been tested, in which some 13,300 specimens got results.

Concluding the inspection, the provincial Vice Chairman Phan The Tuan highly spoke on Viet Yen district for their quick and effective implementation of the tasks in the Covid-19 fight assigned by the provincial Steering Committee. Particularly, the lockdown, quarantine and testing measures have been accelerated to take control of the situation while the students relating the infected cases have the first negative results.

He urged the district to continue thoroughly tracing cases contacting the infections. Besides, the district needs to continue implementing effective supervision and quarantine to avoid cross-infection, reinforce human resources to better security, social order and stabilize people’s living in the lockdown areas.

Bac Giang province, break the chain of infection, contain pandemic outbreak,  Viet Yen district, Covid-19 pandemic

The provincial Vice Chairman Phan The Tuan inspects the pandemic fight at the concentrated isolation area in Thuong Lan kindergarten.

In addition, he requested the provincial Center for Disease Control (CDC) to effectively implement testing and specimen transportation and boost the progress of returning test results to Viet Yen district. In next few days, enterprises in the industrial parks will conduct screening tests for all of the workers, hence, CDC have to ensure quick test results so that the companies can carry out timely and effective preventive measures.

Viet Yen district should promote the role of the community Covid-19 groups to detect related cases in a quick manner. Besides, it is necessary to strengthen propaganda to raise people’s awareness of the pandemic situation, require people to implement medical declaration and accompany the local government in the pandemic fight. The district should make efforts to break the chain of infection and successfully contain the pandemic in October.


Minh Thu
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