Bac Giang continues to improve digital transformation ranking

Update: 17:45 | 25/10/2021

(BGO) - The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has just announced the ranking of digital transformation at ministerial and provincial levels in 2020 (Digital Transformation Index - DTI). Accordingly, Bac Giang was named in the top 10 provinces and cities in the country. This is good news for the province. 

On this occasion, Bac Giang Newspaper interviewed Director of the Department of Information and Communications Tran Minh Chieu, who is also deputy head of the provincial Steering Committee for Digital Transformation.

Could you please tell us the indicators that the province scored?

Digital transformation is based on three pillars: Digital government, digital economy and digital society. In each pillar, there are seven main component indicators and each main indicator has many sub-indicators. At the provincial level, MIC uses a standard 1,000-point scale to evaluate the DTI. Bac Giang has a total DTI score of 0.3615, ranking 10th nationwide.

Bac Giang province, improve digital transformation ranking, Digital Transformation Index, DTI,  good news, the top 10 provinces

Director of the Department of Information and Communications Tran Minh Chieu.

Of which, digital government reached 0.4455 points, ranking 7th; digital economy 0.3019 points, ranking 14th; and digital society 0.3092 points, ranking 25th out of 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Thus, Bac Giang made the highest score in digital government.

Which specific measures and contents did the province do to achieve this result?

To achieve a high score on digital government, Bac Giang analyzed each indicator to improve it.

Regarding transformation in awareness, the Department of Information and Communications actively advised the provincial People's Committee to direct agencies at all levels and sectors to promote dissemination and training on digital transformation.

Bac Giang province, improve digital transformation ranking, Digital Transformation Index, DTI,  good news, the top 10 provinces

Provincial Post Office staff update digital map address data and attach postal address codes to help people find correct addresses and information.

For institutional construction, closely following the directions of the Government and the Ministry of Information and Communications, the provincial People's Committee issued legal documents in the fields of information and communication, architecture and planning, resolutions, schemes, and 5-year strategic plans and annual plans on digital transformation, building digital government, as well as building and developing smart cities in Bac Giang province.

Regarding infrastructure development and building digital platforms and information services on digital data, Bac Giang has gradually invested in upgrading the construction of a data integration center to meet the needs of operating and using the province’s shared applications.

About the operation of digital government, in 2020, the all-level authorities of Bac Giang province drastically promoted the provision of online public services, and actively deployed and developed the Bac Giang provincial Public Service Portal. In 2020, Bac Giang led the country in modernization of public administration.

Regarding cyber security, the Department of Information and Communications built an operation room of the Information Security Monitoring Center, installed a monitoring system, conducted test monitoring at the provincial Data Integration Center and successfully connected it with the Cyberspace Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Along with building digital government, the implementation of digital economy and digital society have also received great attention.

To maintain or further improve the ranking, in the coming time, which key solutions will Bac Giang focus on?

In order to promote digital transformation and create breakthroughs in socio-economic areas, Bac Giang will first focus on well implementing Resolution No. 111/NQ-TU, dated June 11, 2021 on digital transformation in Bac Giang province in the 2021-2025 period, with orientations to 2030 by the provincial Party Committee.

Bac Giang province, improve digital transformation ranking, Digital Transformation Index, DTI,  good news, the top 10 provinces

Leaders and staff of the Department of Information and Communications check equipment at the provincial Data Integration Center.

Specifically, the province will continue to upgrade and expand the provincial Data Integration Center with new technologies to concentratedly manage shared information systems and databases in the province, meeting the requirements of the implementation of digital government, digital government and smart city. In the immediate future, the province will focus on building two smart cities, namely Bac Giang city and Viet Yen district.

The digital economy gives priority to industrial development and investment attraction. Promoting digital transformation in all production, business and management activities of enterprises in the province aims to improve labor productivity and competitiveness of businesses and the provincial economy.

Currently, Bac Giang's digital society is ranked 25th nationwide, so it is necessary to focus on raising this index in the next year. To do this, the province needs to strengthen human resources training and improve knowledge and skills in digital technology and digital transformation for people and businesses to form digital citizens, ensuring that no one is left behind in the process of digital transformation.

Thank you very much!


Trinh Lan
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