Bac Giang soon completes industrial cluster infrastructure to welcome investors

Update: 08:22 | 23/10/2021

(BGO) - In order to speed up the construction of infrastructure at industrial clusters invested by enterprises, on April 23, 2021, the Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People's Committee issued a plan on investment in building industrial cluster infrastructure. 


Realizing this plan, the investors of the industrial clusters and related localities have immediately carried out its contents, creating clear changes in the implementation of the works. However, there are still some problems that need to be solved.

Many projects implemented quickly

A project to build infrastructure at the Nham Son-Yen Lu Industrial Cluster in Yen Dung district has been invested by Capella Bac Giang Investment Company Limited since 2018. 

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A corner of the Nham Son-Yen Lu Industrial Cluster (Yen Dung).

With a total project area of about 75 hectares, the unit has so far completed the construction of internal roads, connection points, and water supply pipelines, which are ready for being examined and put into use. With synchronous infrastructure and convenient location, more than 10 projects have been registered in the industrial cluster.

Along with Nham Son-Yen Lu, the industrial clusters Tan Hung (Lang Giang district); Hop Thinh (Hiep Hoa district); Viet Tien and Tang Tien (Viet Yen district)... have also seen smooth and fast implementation.

The Tan Hung Industrial Cluster covers 50 hectares, of which industrial land accounts for more than 70 percent and the rest is green land, water surface, public land, administrative and transport facilities, and technical infrastructure. Now, the project is about to complete infrastructure construction and will start attracting secondary investors in 2022.

In the immediate future, some polluting production facilities in Tan Hung commune, Voi township will be relocated here and at the same time the industrial cluster will attract more businesses in other industries such as food processing, equipment and medical supplies production, mechanical engineering, electronics and supporting industries.

Focusing on site clearance

According to the Department of Industry and Trade, 29 industrial clusters in the province have been invested by enterprises in infrastructure construction and business. With preferential policies and attention paid to removing obstacles, Bac Giang has lured many enterprises to invest in industrial cluster infrastructure, initially creating clear changes in construction investment.

Bac Giang province, soon completes, industrial cluster infrastructure, welcome investors, fast implementation, secondary investors, site clearance

An enterprise producing electronic components at the Thanh Van Industrial Cluster (Hiep Hoa).

However, the progress of investment in industiral cluster infrastructure is still slow, especially compensation for site clearance. One of the reasons is that people demand compensation prices higher than those set by the State. The others include slow land surveying, disputed land and slow resettlement work. Some areas that have been cleared are interspersed with uncleared areas, so businesses cannot level them.

Specifically, for the Huong Son Industrial Cluster (Lang Giang), invested by NHS Construction Investment Joint Stock Company, the district has so far allocated land to the investor two times with an area of 36.5 ha out of 65.36 ha, but only two among 29 households with residential land have received compensation. Similarly, the Thanh Van Industrial Cluster (Hiep Hoa), invested by Long Dung Co., Ltd., still sees 1.9 ha out of 50 ha yet be compensated because many land plots have not been cleared.

Due to the limited state budget, with the goal of forming synchronous industrial cluster infrastructure, Bac Giang is attracting businesses with sufficient potential to build industrial cluster infrastructure. Therefore, the early completion of the industrial cluster infrastructure is one of the factors that increase the province’s attractiveness.

Grasping the actual implementation and related problems, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Phan The Tuan held that to speed up the industrial cluster infrastructure construction and business investment, districts, city, investors and relevant agencies need to stick to plans and follow the set roadmap, focusing highly on site clearance. Each project has to set a specific timeline and is determined to fulfil the plan.

The Department of Industry and Trade must monitor and hasten the implementation process, organize monthly reviews to promptly solve difficulties and problems in line with its competence, and report to the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee for solutions. Along with the above measures, investors building technical infrastructure at industrial clusters must urgently implement their projects according to the approved schedules.


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