Bac Giang: Industrial production value up 13.1 percent

Update: 15:23 | 23/09/2021

(BGO) – The industrial production value (IPV) hit 31,656 billion VND (1.39 billion USD) in September 2021 in Bac Giang province, up 17 percent against last month figure and 207,447 billion VND (9.1 billion USD) in nine months, representing 13.1 percent year on year increase and 60.9 percent of the yearly target.

The State owned enterprises gained 5 trillion VND, making up 57.5 percent, the non-state owned economic sector earned 23,415 billion VND, accounting for 71 percent, the foreign direct investment businesses achieved 179,030 billion VND, representing 59.9 percent of the target.

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The exploitation industry produced 1,295 billion VND (57 percent); processing industry created 179,900 billion VND (61 percent); power production and distribution industries made 1,870 billion VND (55 percent); water exploitation and supply industries earned 435 billion VND (68.5 percent) of the target.

The private production saw unequal growth in most of the localities. The areas with high industrial development included Lang Giang district (up 46.9 percent), Yen The district (up 32.4 percent), Luc Ngan district (up 13.9 percent), Son Dong district (up 10.1 percent). 

Mean while, the remaining localities had lower growth rate, typically 5.3 percent in Bac Giang city, 4.3 percent in Viet Yen district, 5.2 percent in Hiep Hoa district, 1.8 percent in Tan Yen district, same growth rate in Luc Nam district and 7 percent down in Yen Dung district.

An Nhien
Hiep Hoa strives to build four industrial parks and 15 industrial clusters
(BGO) – Implementing Resolution No.147-NQ/TU on August 30, 2021 from the Bac Giang provincial Executive Board of the provincial Party Committee about industrial development in the period 2021 – 2030, Hiep Hoa district strives to build four industrial parks and 15 industrial clusters in total area of 2,228 ha by 2030 with industry – construction sector making up 75 percent of the economic structure.
Site work for Vietnam Korean industrial park done in September
(BGO) – The Head of Bac Giang provincial Industrial Park Management Board (IPMB) Dao Xuan Cuong said 40 out of 45 ha of the site work at the first stage of Vietnam Korean industrial park has been completed, ensuring the set schedule.
Bac Giang approves for detailed construction plan of Tien Hung industrial cluster
(BGO) – The People’s Committee in Bac Giang province has approved for the detailed construction plan of Tien Hung industrial cluster in Luc Nam district with 1/500 ratio.
Site work of Hoa Phu industrial park basically completed
(BGO) – The infrastructure investment, construction and trading project of Hoa Phu industrial park (Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province) covers totally 207.45 ha in the communes of Mai Dinh, Chau Minh and Huong Lam with 3 stages of site clearance.
Bac Giang: All industrial park workers have negative test result after holiday
(BGO) – According to the Industrial Park Management Board (IPMB) in Bac Giang province, after the National Day Holiday September 2 and 3, labours of 370 businesses in the industrial parks of Dinh Tram, Van Trung, Quang Chau, Song Khe – Noi Hoang, Hoa Phu and Vietnam – Korea have come back work since September 4.

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