War veteran Duong Van Ty gets rich by growing citronella plant for oil extract

Update: 20:00 | 12/10/2020

(BGO) – Hoping to get rich on the homeland, the war veteran Duong Van Ty (born in 1962) in Cuong Thinh residential area, Nha Nam town, Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) has grown citronella plant for oil extract which opens new production trend. 

After fulfilling the military obligations in November 1985, Ty returned to hometown and tried a lot of careers to make a living such as crop growing, chicken and pig raising, working as guest worker but he could not gain much.

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War veteran Duong Van Ty (right) introduces about the pressing and distilling system of citronella essential oils.

In November 2019, he and his son visited a citronella growing model for oil extract in Tuyen Quang province with high economic value. Acknowledging the soil and terrain similar to the condition in the homeland, they met some local friends to ask for the procedures of growing, caring for the plant as well as investing to the pressing machine and equipment...

Arriving home, Ty searched for more information about this crop on the mass media. Defining that it could bring high economic value on the homeland, he decided to hire 1.5ha of fields which the local households grew rice with low efficiency then bought the citronella plant for cultivation.

At the same time, he borrowed more capital from friends and relatives to build the factory and buy pressing machine for oil extract with total cost of 500 million VND (21,673 USD).

After nearly one year, his family has initially earned positive results. It takes about 5 hours to press 1 ton of citronella leaves in a distiller to collect 5- 6 liters of oil which is sold at 400,000 VND (17 USD) per liter. Last year, his family harvested more than 200 tonnes of citronella leaves, extracted and supplied over 1,000 liters of essential oils to the market to earn about 400 million VND.

Besides the self grown materials, Ty also buys more citronella roots from the growers in and outside the district to press for oils. Now, the finished products of his family have been ordered by several pharmaceutical companies in Nam Dinh province with ease consumption.

The byproducts of pressing process are used as organic fertilizer to the cultivation to save the product cost.

Acknowledging the effectiveness of his model, some local households came for learning the experiences. Ty is ready to share the knowledge and technique to grow and care for the crop. Now, 5 families starts growing citronella plant on 0.5ha to sell the materials.

Ty has coordinated with several agencies and localities in Tan Yen district to realize the project to expand the material area. Accordingly, the participating households will be supported 30 percent of the seedlings, growing and caring technique as well as product consumption.

The Secretary of the Party Committee in Nha Nam town Nguyen Huy Ngoc said: “War veteran Duong Van Ty is a bold person in action. His family model proves initial effectiveness that is expected to help the farmers get rich on the homeland”.

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