Bac Giang strives to improve business environment to draw investment

Update: 07:03 | 18/09/2020

(BGO) – In the period 2015 – 2020, the average Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) in Bac Giang province hits 14 percent per year in the group of provinces with highest growth rate across the nation. The prominent result was gained thanks to the active contribution of the Department of Planning and Investment (DoPI) with great effort in consulting the local authority to create clear, transparent and attractive investment environment.

Shortening time and procedure

Defining administrative procedure reform (APR) as key factor to improve the investment environment, annually the DoPI launches the emulative movement “Bac Giang businesses integrate and develop” among the officers, public servants and labourers.

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The citizen receives the result of administrative procedure handled in line with principle “5 locals” at one stop shop of Department of Planning and Investment.

The DoPI builds up specific detail and assigns tasks to each division with the motto “specific person and task” while focusing on shortening the time and procedure to handle the administrative procedure to facilitate the organization and citizen.

Currently, 54 out of 84 administrative procedures of the DoPI have been done following the principle of “5 locals” (receive, verify, approve, stamp, return the result) at the provincial Public Administrative Center, mostly in the field of business registration. Particularly, the online submission document will be free of charge.

In late 2019, the DoPI consulted the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) to make “Guide book for investment procedure” to ease the old complicated formalities of investment approval.

Apart from summarizing the administrative procedures, the guide book maps the process of implementation to provide the investors with general view of each step such as business establishment registration, investment policy, construction licence, site clearance, fire fighting certificate, work permit.

Now, more than 300 guide books are delivered to the organization and individual on demand as well as published on the DoPI’s portal. It is one of the creative ideas that was highly evaluated by the provincial Council for APR.

Annually, the competent division regularly review and simplify the document component, steps to handle several administrative procedures. Since 2016, the DoPI has shortened down nearly 30 percent of the handling time for administrative procedure with due schedule of over 15 days. The number of administrative procedures received and handled at the one stop shop made up 100 percent, exceeding the set target.

Enhancing the service quality

To facilitate the citizen and business in handling the administrative procedure, the DoPI is providing 76 online public services at level 3 and 4. The statistic shows that now 80 percent of the documents relating to business and cooperative establishment and operation are done online.

Since 2016, the DoPI has shortened down nearly 30 percent of the handling time for administrative procedure with due schedule of over 15 days. The number of administrative procedures received and handled at the one stop shop made up 100 percent, exceeding the set target.

To support the organization and citizen, the youth union at the DoPI implements “Voluntary Saturday” while the Division of Business Registration realizes the model “Friendly Division of Business Registration”...

Recently, the DoPI has researched to renovate the procedure “Verify document to approve for investment policy, grant certificate of investment registration for investment projects outside the provincial industrial parks in line with the regulation of Investment Law” then report to the PPC Chairman for application since early September.

Actually, the investment time is the golden chance for business development while previously it took really long time for multi sectors to review and verify the issue. The creative idea to establish the Verification Council for each project directly supports the recommendation as the basic for the PPC Chairman’s conclusion.

To further improve the business environment and attract more investment to the province, Vice Director of the DoPI Nguyen Cuong said the Department has focused on the key task of APR, especially business registration by well implementing model of “two stamps”, “5 locals” at the provincial Public Administrative Center; consulted the PPC to shorten down the time of investment project verification, simplify the document component, improve provincial Competitiveness Index, complete the DDCI criteria for the Departments and People’s Committee in district level while highly raising the role of leader with stricter principle, tightening the working behavior of the officer, public servant to enhance the service quality.

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