Competitiveness assessment helps improve investment and business environment in Bac Giang

Update: 08:31 | 04/09/2020

(BGO) -  The People's Committee of Bac Giang province has just approved the project "Building and implementing the department and district competitiveness index (DDCI) of Bac Giang province in 2020-2025". This is a breakthrough to further improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in the coming time. Around this issue, Bac Giang Newspaper reporters had an interview with Nguyen Cuong, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Planning and Investment.

Could you tell us about the implementation of the DDCI in Bac Giang province in general?

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Citizens come to make transactions at the provincial Public Administration Service Center.

After 5 years of DDCI implementation, the investment and business environment has been significantly improved, with the annual PCI continuously increasing, lifting Bac Giang from the province with average operating quality to that with good quality.

The provincial People's Committee has approved a project on building and implementing the DDCI in 2020-2025. Could you please reveal the principles of building the project as well as the scope and scale of the survey?

There are 6 basic principles, first of all, the DDCI building must comply with the provisions of the law, and base on the reality of reviewing and assessing the functions and tasks of departments and districts directly related to the quality of economic governance and business environment.

The assessment contents should reflect the perceptions of the respondents about the results of handling administrative procedures in particular, the capacity and attitudes of cadres and civil servants of each department and district.

The DDCI building and implementation must be feasible in accordance with the context and implementation capacity, ensure the implementation on a large scale, and collect quality data for evaluation and comparison.

The results from the DDCI survey must be meaningful for improving the business environment and enhancing economic management capacity at the department and district levels, thereby contributing to efforts to improve the business and investment environment of the province.

The scope and scale of the survey will be enterprises, cooperatives, and business households with business registration in accordance with the law that are engaging in production and business activities and implementing investment projects in the province during 2 years up to the survey time. Invitations to take part in the survey are set to be sent to 2,500-3,000 enterprises, with a expected responding rate of 23-30 percent .

Could you tell about innovations in the building of the DDCI this time compared to the previous times?

This time there is a change in both the scale and the way of assessment. The DDCI component indexes are very close to the PCI component indexes. It means the component indicators and objectives are representative figures and are common denominators for comparision regarding the capacity of economic management between departments and between districts.

Competitiveness assessment, improve investment, business environment, Bac Giang province, department and district competitiveness index, Provincial Competitiveness Index,  average operating quality

Officials and staff of the provincial Center for Investment Promotion and Enterprise Development under the Department of Planning and Investment inspect and review DDCI survey forms.

The DDCI is divided into two groups. The first one, applied to the district and city level, includes 9 component indexes: Transparency and access to information; access to land and business premises; unofficial fees; cost of time; fair competition; enterprise support; legal institutions and security and order; dynamism, creativeness and operational efficiency of the district or city government; the role of the head of the district or city People's Committee.

The second one is for provincial departments, comprising 8 out of the above component indexes, excluding the index on access to land and business premises.

Thank you very much!

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