Successfully piloting green crayfish

Update: 13:39 | 29/01/2019

(BGO) – The first level Fishery Variety Center (under the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Bac Giang province) has successfully piloted the green crayfish with the scale of 10 million heads from the alevin to grown stages at the testing area. 

After more than 4 months of nurturing in the clean pond environment, the crayfish is well grown and developed with a high rate of vitality, reaching about 25 – 30 crayfishes per kilogram. It has been sold at 300 – 350,000 VND (13-15 USD) per kilogram.

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Illustrative image.

The pilot model proved that the green crayfish is easily cultured, typically in the freshwater pond (large or small scale) with the best density of 20 – 30 heads per square meters. Especially, it can be raised together with another commodity fishes in the same water surface area with a density of 5 – 10 heads per square meters so as to make use of the natural food source.

From the achieved result, the first level Fishery Variety Center is scheduled to develop more alevins of the green crayfish in order to supply to the fishery breeders in and outside the province as well as gradually produce the fishery varieties with high economic values.

Agro-forestry-fishery exports generate 25.7 billion USD in 8 months
The agro-forestry-fishery sector raked in 3.13 billion USD from exports in August, raising the total value in the first eight months of this year to 25.7 billion USD, up 7.3 percent year-on-year. 

Hoang Phuong

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