Bac Giang: Economic growth expected to surpass set target

Update: 08:40 | 13/07/2018

(BGO) – The northern province of Bac Giang has witnessed positive socio-economic development in the first half of this year. It is forecast that favorable conditions in the remaining months would help the province overfulfill its set economic targets. Leaders of departments and agencies talked about this issue on the sidelines of the fifth meeting of the 18th provincial People’s Council. 

Bac Giang province, Economic growth, set target,  favorable conditions, socio-economic development, production value, new investment projects

Trinh Huu Thang, Director of the provincial Department of Planning and Investment: In the first six months of this year, the province posted the highest ever economic growth rate of 13.3 percent. Based on statistics, we expect that the figure will stand at 15 percent at the end of this year. If the target is achieved, Bac Giang will be one of the provinces recording the highest growth nationwide. The forecast is made on the basis of the performance of the local agriculture, industry-construction and services. 

In the field of agriculture, with favorable conditions in cultivation and husbandry such as high prices of pork and chicken, local farmers have resumed their animal breeding, leading to the possibility of a higher output. Besides, litchi output also increased by 100,000 tonnes as compared with 2017. Longan, pomelo and other crops are also projected to yield more fruits.

In industry, Ha Bac Nitrogenous Fertilizer and Chemicals Company Limited has temporarily handled its difficulties, contributing more to the provincial growth. The industrial sector’s production value is expected to increase by 3 trillion VND (130.4 million USD) thanks to the smooth operation of some major projects in industrial parks and contributions made by new investment projects. In terms of services, such sectors as banking, insurance, healthcare and education are projected to expand to 8 trillion VND (347.8 million USD), up about 9.5 percent.

To meet these targets, it requires great efforts of departments and agencies, especially in investment attraction and the implementation of public investment projects. The province’s public investment capital has thus far exceeded 5.3 trillion VND (230 million USD). 2018 is one of the years with the largest amount of public investment as the State budget has been poured into Belt Road 4 and education-training. Official development assistance (ODA) in a number of mountainous districts is relatively high, reaching more than 600 billion VND (26 million USD).

Agricultural production also needs drastic instructions to ensure bumper crops and high prices for local farmers. Drastic efforts should be made to complete all of these targets.

Bac Giang province, Economic growth, set target,  favorable conditions, socio-economic development, production value, new investment projects

Nguy Kim Phuong, Head of the Economy-Budget Board of the provincial People’s Council: In the first half of this year, the province’s socio-economic development recorded positive results. The total budget collection hit over 5.1 trillion VND (221.7 million USD), of which domestic collection was nearly 4.64 billion VND (201.7 million USD). During the remaining months of this year, the total budget collection is expected to reach 8.5 trillion VND (369.5 million USD), with the domestic collection (excluding lottery and land use fees) up 10 percent compared to the estimate.

We need to employ more measures to raise budget collection such as reviewing contributions of sectors and localities, especially those that have failed to complete half of the estimate, and tax debts while seeking new contributors. At the same time, it is necessary to speed up the implementation of infrastructure projects in residential areas as well as urban projects in the locality.

Bac Giang province, Economic growth, set target,  favorable conditions, socio-economic development, production value, new investment projects

Nguyen Van Khai, Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development: The province’s agricultural production in the first half of this year has reaped significant outcomes. In the sphere of cultivation, by restructuring crops, some new rice varieties were introduced to local farmers, providing higher productivity.

The area of fruit trees under VietGap standard also increased, bringing about high economic values, like litchi, orange and others.

The husbandry sector focused on increasing the numbers of pigs and chickens. Pig breeding has been expanded as the result of higher price. Farmers still gained profits from chicken breeding thanks to stable price.

Unexpected weather conditions like downpours and floods are forecast for the remaining months of this year. Therefore, the agricultural sector should focus on the summer-autumn crop and prepare for the winter crop, while ensuring high productivity and quality of fruit trees like orange, pomelo and others.

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